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Lee Chang Min of 2AM - Moment

The Heirs OST Part 3


Ken of VIXX - 사랑이라는 이름으로 (Name of Love)

The Heirs OST Part 3


Park Jung Hyun of Bromance - 두 사람 (Two People)

The Heirs OST Part 3

GIRL ON FIRE (cover)- julie anne san jose

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What you need to know about Taurus Guys

Even though you are simple and quiet you’re full of surprises. Being medium build and fairly tall you are strong with a healthy strong body. You like to speak in the same direction and keep good eye contact except when you feel shy. Your body is strait, you walk tall and your face is quite chiseled. The dead give away that you’re a Taurus is that you have a sparkle in your eyes that is full of life and exudes joy even when you feel terrible.

When you are in love you are free and romantic but you cannot be contained or put in a cage. To try and keep him is to lose him. He is o.k. with rules and as he trusts you and himself he requires you to do the same. If you stifle him he will drift from you with the greatest caution to your feelings

Being with him is a pleasure because he makes you feel like the center of his universe but at the first sign of insecurity his mind will change forever. He expects alot from himself but is completely patient with how long it may take you to do things. He encourages you and pushes himself vigorously. Nothing stops because he’s in love in fact it just means that more needs to be done. He isn’t one to hide how upset he is but instead of blaming others he always first looks inwards.

With his friends he is open and honest in the most sincere way. Even with friends that he doesn’t care for too much he will still be honest and open in the same way. He likes to do things what others may thing are different but those events will always have a style and class attached to them. The guy that walks over hot coals, or jumps on the mechanical bull in a tuxedo. He can be slightly rough without realizing it but then will surprise you with a gift. Unfortunately he is the consummate wall builder in relationships as he’s a bit of a loner. He believes that learning to like yourself and your own time is the most important thing.

He doesn’t care what people think about him he’s trying to live while you’re watching. He’s also watching you watch him living hoping that you’ll join in and have fun. He is far from narrow minded and is not a conformist. He can relate to a millionaire and the man selling oranges everyone gets the same treatment and the same respect. He is thought of as a polite man who is interested in the mysteries.

He is very observant and will notice a new dress, a new haircut and any changes that you have made. His questions are direct and once he’s figured you out you which he will you better make sure you keep up and keep him interested.

Many people know of him but a few know him as he has very few friends that can actually describe him. Most describe him but are describing their own insecurities rather than describing what he is really like. The problem is he can sometimes feel lonely even in a crowd of people as only a few will understand his goal is to achieve happiness and freedom without social boundaries. His goals are firmly set in the future and he often feels as the only one who thinks as he does.

His personality is a slight contradiction he is calm, a teamworker, creative, and forgiving. He is a free spirit how likes adventure and can also like to be at home. He will speak to you in a strait manner but doesn’t interfere in your life. His respect for your personal dream is the utmost and will rarely advise you as this is your life. He is satisfied and doesn’t need to compete but this may appear as him being arrogant or careless but he’s not. He is a thinker and stubborn one at that.

His eye for detail is his amazing art and will not trust until he knows people well. Once you are a friend you’re a friend for life. He hates lies, gossip and will not tell you lies. He usually doesn’t answer those questions or will tell you in some other way. The art of keeping secrets lies eternally with him.

If this is the kind of guy you’re into then you need to be interesting and he has to be curious for him. He is slightly scared to commit as he enjoys his freedom so when he chooses to marry it’s singularly the most important decision in his life. Always have something to talk about, and don’t nag him or correct him in public.

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Can you still remember these two? cause I still can! They’re my first ever OTP! <3 and because of them… I have loved watching Thai Movies! and oh, this is for the Filipino Fans of TiAom, my friend made me the promoter of his fanfic!

So cute and perfect couple!!hope it will real !„, YON 3 hopefully!